At YourLocalMe, we strive to make every traveler feel like a local or as if they have a local friend wherever they travel. We believe that a world in which you can travel to any city and have a local there to help you with advice, recommendations and insider tips and make you feel like a local is a better world. This feeling and experience should be available for all travelers, regardless of whether they're staying in an Airbnb or at a big, chain hotel. We're starting with San Francisco, and want to offer this service in every city in the world someday.




Luke Bornheimer

A life-long explorer, Luke has spent years as an Airbnb Superhost and, separately, traveling the world with his wife, Emily. Inspired by his wife and his Airbnb guests' curiosity and desire to feel like locals, Luke created YourLocalMe to help other travelers feel like locals in San Francisco.


Matthew Carriere

An enthusiastic and energetic traveler, Matthew loves all things new, unique and delicious, especially coffee, brunch, burgers and cocktails. His passion for travel, interacting with locals, and finding local, "hidden gem" food and drink spots led him to wanting to start YourLocalMe with Luke.



When Luke became an Airbnb host with his wife, Emily, in 2011, he was intrigued by the thought of hosting travelers from around the world in their apartment and getting to show their guests a little piece of San Francisco; Little did he realize how much he would love hosting and helping travelers experience San Francisco like a local. After years of hosting on Airbnb, becoming a Superhost in the process, Luke had the desire to help more travelers than just the ones Emily and he hosted in their small apartment; His thoughts and ideas grew into reality when he met Matthew and they became friends.

Having traveled for years to various parts of the world, Matthew has developed a knack for travel research, planning and exploring. Throughout his many trips, he wondered why it was unnecessary difficult to find helpful locals and to get personalized advice and recommendations. His encounters with Airbnb hosts and experiences hosting friends and family in Vancouver with his wife, Shereen, led him to realize that helping travelers find and connect with locals who were willing to help with advice and recommendations was the missing piece.

Matthew and Luke coincidentally met through Airbnb, with Luke being the hosting local and Matthew and Shereen being the travelers wanting to live like locals. Luke and Emily, had an apartment listed on Airbnb in Nob Hill, their former neighborhood, and Matthew and Shereen were looking for a place to stay for the month they were in San Francisco for Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). As luck would have it, the shower in the apartment broke (longer story for another time); Luke and Emily felt terrible and, in addition to getting the shower fixed, wanted to make it up to Matthew and Shereen by taking them out to brunch. After a delicious, fun and memorable brunch (and the remainder of Matthew and Shereen's trip), the four stayed in touch. Years later, Matthew and Shereen attended Luke and Emily's wedding.

After months (or years) mulling over ideas related to local advice and recommendations, and related to connecting travelers with locals, Matthew and Luke decided to finally put a stake in the ground with YourLocalMe. Determined to solve their own problems with travel, the two set out to find a solution that could sustainably help every traveler.


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