Researching and planning your trip can be time-consuming, tiring and overwhelming; Getting personalized recommendations from a local for the best things for you to do will make your trip better and more care-free, allowing you to get the most out of your time in San Francisco and have a unique and memorable experience on your trip. We get your trip details, gather your interests and preferences, then send you recommendations personalized to you, helping you relax, prepare for trip and maximize your time in SF.

In addition to getting personalized recommendations on the best things to do with your time in San Francisco, YourLocalMe can help you figure out the best place to stay, the best places to eat/drink, and the best way to get around town while you're here. Our locals are here to ensure you have a memorable trip and make the most of your time in San Francisco. Using email, mobile-friendly maps, text, our locals answer your questions and give you recommendations when you need them. If you have a question or request, ask your local and they'll help you as soon as possible.


"YourLocalMe was invaluable before, and during, my trip, ensuring I made the absolute most of my time as a solo traveler in San Francisco. From previous experience, I've found it to be very easy to get stuck in a rut, wander aimlessly and miss out on amazing experiences by relying on guidebooks. Knowing that YourLocalMe had my back made a huge difference - my visit to SF in April wouldn't have been half as fulfilling without Luke, my local." Ian, YourLocalMe customer